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Weekly Homeschool Checklist You Didn’t Know You Needed

By May 4, 2016Homeschool

Someday I wish we could watch movies all day while cuddling on the couch. But most days I just like to know what needs to be done and check it off the list. Even our fun activities are on the list because every day should be a celebration of family and learning at home. I have a master checklist of all my ideas we want to try and subjects we need to do every day.




To save on paper, I decided to do a weekly checklist instead of a daily one. Every day I strive to have all the activities checked off, and most times we do get through them all. If not I don’t stress I just try harder to fit them in that week or occasionally the weekend.(things like art, music, baking and even reading are sometimes done as a family on the weekends)


Weekly Homeschool Review Checklist



I use this clipboard from Target to keep my weekly checklist, a copy of our schedule, and my personal checklists. I love having one place to keep all my lists, plus other school papers that need to be graded. With toddlers running around, I need to keep it all from getting destroyed. I keep it in the kitchen so it’s close to where we do school.

Sometimes when our days get busy, we forget what’s necessary to reach our goals and revert to just getting through the day. I wanted more of an intentional flow to our school day. I need to know that at the end of the day we accomplished (or tried to accomplish) the most important tasks. These subjects will be different for every family, but let me provide a few from my list.


Here are some of the items on my list:


  • Math – fun activity after lesson
  • Language – read aloud a history book, grammar, and handwriting practice, read for fun
  • Logic – workbook games
  • Writing –  writing program and letter to family and friends
  • Play outside in the dirt
  • Read out loud
  • ABC/123  activities with toddlers
  • Bible reading –  usually happens at the breakfast table
  • Sing together – while we clean or blast the radio and worship together

Teaching 5th grade and preschool kids requires different attention spans, and I need to make sure I plan activities that correspond with their levels.


I’m a super fan of checklists. I love the idea of creating different lists to make life easier. Check out “List Plan It” for a feast of every kind of list you could possibly need. She also has a “100 Day to Christmas Countdown” that I love and look forward to every year!


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