Thankful Scattergories Game

2 grandparents, 5 kids, 5 spouses, and 14 grandchildren all in one house.

This year we are headed across the country to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It’s been about three years since I’ve been home and seen some of my siblings, nieces and nephews.

Thankful Scattergories Activities for kids


I like to think of myself as the activities planner for the family, so I typically end up watching all the kids while the parents slip away to find peace in another room.

I created this Thankful Scattergories printable to take home as a game for all the littles. This will be perfect to keep them busy for a while. More importantly, I hope it get them thinking about how truly blessed they really are.

Teaching our children to be thankful is not easy. It should be taught and modeled all year round. Fortunately, as parents we can be intentional about making it fun and educational all at the same time.


What You Will Need:

One of the Printable Game Boards

Pen or Pencils

Prizes (optional)

Timer (optional)


Scattergories printable page




How To Play:

1.  Print one of the free printables above for each child. You can cut down your printing if you decide to put everyone on a team so they can work together.

2.  Explain that they will need to write down one thing or person they are thankful for that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

3.  You can use a timer to keep the game short or let them take all the time they need to answer each prompt.

4.  After the allotted time, have them read their answers aloud.

5.  You can give a prize to the person or team who has the most items written or give everyone a treat for just playing and sharing.

I can’t wait to play this with everyone and hear their answers! This will definitely be a keepsake for all the parents as well. I might even get the adults in on the fun.