Summer Fun Lists for Kids and Mom

Summer will be here before you know it and I need to be ready or we will end up watching tv most days. Every year I create this huge SUMMER FUN LIST of things for us to do as a family and we usually get through about half of the activities. This year I created another list that includes things I may want to do on my own or with the husband and no littles. I love planning out weekly date nights and wanted to create something special for the Summer as well. Plus, this Summer will be crazy busy with us moving to Ohio for a few months then back to Denver.

These kids love playing outside. I’m going to miss all the yard space when we move.


This year we will be spending part of our Summer with tons of family and we can’t wait! So with 15 nieces and nephews running around I need plenty of ideas to keep them occupied. When family gets together I tend to become the activities director and this printable is going to be a big help. Some of our days will be filled with school lessons since almost all my siblings homeschool their kids, and we are all pretty much on the same schedule. All that to say if you have anymore ideas please send them my way. PLEASE!!

Here’s what I tried to create in these lists:

  • activities that are free or cheap
  • plenty of indoor options in case it’s too hot to be outside
  • activities that will get us out of my parents house (I want them to have some time at home without kids running around everywhere) EX. go to my brothers house, drive to see other family an hour or so away.
  • fun field trips
  • water activities that can be played at the park or the backyard

Thankfully all the kids love to read so the library will definitely be a weekly outing.

Download printable SUMMER FUN LISTS

A few years back I created a seasonal bucket list planner to write down our ideas and pricing so I could create a budget. It’s such a great help when you need quick ideas and maybe not want to spend a ton of money everyday. This printable is available to download in my shop. CLICK ON IMAGE

At the top you will write in which season you are planning activities for: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Holiday, etc. and then have your family give ideas that fit into each category. If the activity is something you can do for free then write free in the cost column. Keep this printable in a place where you can easily see it to plan activities or find something quickly to do that day!

Now I would love to hear from you. What fun activities do you have planned for the Summer?

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