Roll-A-Thanksgiving Story

We loved the Halloween version of Roll-A-Story, so no doubt we’ll love the Thanksgiving version as well! Teaching littles to enjoy writing may be difficult for most people, so let’s be intentional about making it fun and inspiring as much as possible. Pick topics and create games (like this one below) to foster their creativity.


What You Will Need:

How To Play:

Have your child roll one die and then choose the corresponding option from setting, character, conflict, and time categories. Continue to roll until they have picked one option from each category.

Have the child creatively connect the categories and write in the missing details.

Ideas for Parents and Teachers:

  1. Act out your stories for the family or class when the student has completed their story. Add costumes and theme music to make it more dramatic (which equals more fun!).
  2. Read the story out loud during dinner or at family time.
  3. Get creative and have your child or student draw a scene from their story.

A Few of My Top Amazon Picks for Writing Fun:

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