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Roll-A-Halloween Story

By September 25, 2015Homeschool

Writing is not my daughter’s favorite subject, it’s definitely very important that she learns basic rules and practices as much as she can. So how do I get her to practice something she doesn’t like?

By letting her fill in the blanks with her imagination.You can modify this fun game for any time of the year, but this one is especially fun around the holidays.


Roll-A-Halloween Story


As a homeschooling mom, I am always trying to create activities that encourage my daughter to write while having fun so I created this Roll-A-Halloween Story chart. It allows her to write a creative story with fun suggestions based around a holiday theme.

The goal is to create an entire story from a selection made from different categories of words. With each roll of the dice, she has to choose from a pool of characters, settings, themes, and times.

Once she has all of her story elements, she records them in a graphic organizer, plans out her story and writes it down filling any blanks, creatively, that she may need to connect the different elements.

It’s super fun to watch the concept be developed by the roll of a the dice.


Roll-A-Halloween Story


Since I’m trying to make writing enjoyable, I thought it would be fun to center some writing exercises around Halloween. If your family doesn’t observe Halloween, you can modify it as a fall harvest festival, or you can use for any other holiday. This way it has a fun theme to get your kids excited about writing and it creates a great jumping off point to start with.


Ideas for Parents and Teachers

  1. Act out your stories for the family or class when the student has completed their story. Add costumes and theme music to make it more dramatic (which equals more fun!).
  2. Read the story out loud during dinner or at family time.
  3. Get creative and have your child or student draw a scene from their story.


How to play

Have your child roll one die and then choose the corresponding option from setting, character, conflict, and time categories. Continue to roll until they have picked one option from each category.

Have the child creatively connect the categories and write in the missing details.


What you’ll need

  • the printable
  • dice
  • a sheet of paper or notebook page below


I’ve included a Halloween themed notebook page that you can put into your portfolio. Click the image below to print.


Halloween Story Notebook Page



Additional Resources For Writing Practice:( affiliate links below)




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