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Read-Bake-Make Book Series: How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow by Wendell Minor

By November 26, 2015Homeschool

This post is one of ten videos in All Day Everyday Mom’s READ-BAKE-MAKE BOOK SERIES. To see other videos with great books and activities for kids that will encourage your family to create a culture of reading fun this Fall, click here.

Read-Bake-Make Book Series

Supplies Needed:


Book Selection: HOW BIG COULD YOUR PUMPKIN GROW by Wendell Minor


Award-winning artist Wendell Minor does just that as he imagines larger-than-life pumpkins decorating some of America’s favorite places—as immense as the Capitol dome, Mount Rushmore, the Brooklyn Bridge, even the Grand Canyon! This celebration of famous landmarks and landscapes plays with concepts of size and scale and is full of fun facts.


We decided to bake/make: PUMPKIN SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

pumpkin( gutted and carved )

baking soda


food coloring

dish soap

tray to catch mess

dropper or bottle to drip liquid

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