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Read-Bake-Make Book Series: APPLES A TO Z

By December 10, 2015Homeschool

This post is one of ten videos in All Day Everyday Mom’s READ-BAKE-MAKE BOOK SERIES. To see other videos with great books and activities for kids that will encourage your family to create a culture of reading fun this Fall, click here.

Read-Bake-Make Book Series


I love reading aloud to my littles and seeing them get excited about books. Let’s continue the fun with this great book and even better snack! Try letting the little ones help in the kitchen. We are having a great time reading and doing these activities as a family. This week we made a delicious, but not so healthy dessert that everyone loved.

Supplies Needed:





chocolate chips

white chocolate chips


Optional: any other toppings

This is a buffet style snack. Put toppings in small containers or a large plate and let the kiddies make their own.

BOOK SELECTION: APPLES A TO Z BY MARGARET MCNAMARAapplesA fun and fact-filled ABC book — all about apples! Fox, Bear, and their friends lead young readers through an apple alphabet–from apple buds and blossoms through nutrition and orchards to the X on an apple pie. Along the way, apple lovers will pick up a windfall of apple science and lore, as well as fun facts and child-friendly information. And twenty-six apple varieties are introduced, even ones for X, Y, and Z!


We decided to bake/make: CARAMEL APPLE NACHOS

Gather all you toppings together in one place

Cut the apples in thirds. Set them aside

Melt the caramel first over low heat

Prepare a pot to melt the marshmallows

As soon as the caramel is done then quickly melt the marshmallow. These two topping can get hard if you let them sit to long

Assemble apples on a plate or bowl and add solid toppings

Pour caramel and marshmallows on top

That’s it!

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