We were over $50,000 in debt our first year of marriage. Most of it was from school loans and the other part was a timeshare I begged my hubby to buy while on our honeymoon. Stupid, I know!

I didn’t use a budget before we got married so this was very new and hard for me. Eventhough once I saw how it worked out for our benefit I was on board 100%.

Seven years later we are completely out of debt with a nice amount in savings. We are able to dream about buying a home soon, rental property, and maybe even land here in Colorado. These are ideas that we didn’t think possible in California so we decided to move to cut down our expenses.

This video is just a little peek into how we take our ever changing monthly income and budget our expenses every month.

Resources Mentioned In The Video:

Envelope System Explained – http://bit.ly/1zDcJrv

Budget Worksheets – http://bit.ly/2li3U6E

How To Set up Budget – http://bit.ly/2mfRMYb

Savvycents Wallet – http://bit.ly/2lDPM93