Creating Our Monthly Family Book Club




Reading is a huge part of our school and family culture. We all read for fun and pure enjoyment. That doesn’t mean we just read anything. I try to pick and steer my daughter to pick good books. She tends to be easy because she will read anything. Now with our Summer break approaching I wanted to start a tradition that we keep us reading all Summer long. I thought that adding a Family Book Club would be a fun way to keep track of the books we read and to discuss what we loved or didn’t enjoy about them.

Sarah Mackenzie from Read Aloud Revival has the best free printable book list in my opinion. She is my go-to blogger for book recommendations for the entire family. Find her free booklist here! This is where I will be selecting the majority of the books we will read as a family.

I’m so excited about this idea and wanted to make this super easy and doable. I called a family meeting to tell everyone my idea and we discussed other ideas to incorporate. We decided to meet once a month to talk about out favorite book that month and to pick a new quest or theme, plus what the reward will be for the person who reads the most books that month.

Keeping Track

I recently found this book, The Stories We Shared: A Family Book Journal , on Amazon and knew it would be a perfect addition to our club. This is a beautiful book filled with pages to write down all the books your family is reading plus sections were you can record favorite passages and a reviews. My favorite part of the book are the featured lists and the adventure quests. These are suggestions that require you to read about a specific topic like Newbery winners,  myths and legends,and different genres to name a few.  I can’t wait to get started on these lists. If you don’t want to pick up this book you can always use a spiral notebook or a journal to keep track of you families book lists.


Here are a few more ideas you can adding to your monthly Book Club Meeting:

  • Use this Book Genre Bingo 
  • Have smoothies or ice cream as a reward or just part of the meeting.( adding this to ours)
  • Serving yummy snacks makes everything more fun.(always need snacks)
  • Make a fort to read in or discuss your books.
  • Have a family movie night and watch the movie that goes with the book.
  • Add some conversations starters, Would You Rather questions, or even mad lib games.
  • Use journals for each person to use to record drawings, questions about the books, favorite parts, etc. Purchase colorful pens, stickers, paint, or markers to make it more fun.
  • Are you crafty? Find or create a craft that goes along with your theme or the season.( I can’t pass up a good craft)
  • Take your meeting outside and have a picnic in your backyard or at the park.
  • Enroll in the Pizza Hut Book It program and earn free pizza for reading books. Ages 5-12 only.
  • Have everyone act out their favorite scene. Use costumes if you can.


Try these games to make learning more fun:




Is there anything else you would add to your Family Book Club?