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Lego Math Race

By August 31, 2015Homeschool


Honestly, we all know most kids are not interested in math. They look at you like you are crazy when you say “It’s fun!” or “You’ll need it for the rest of your life”.


So how do you get a child who may loathe the idea of doing math to engage and get the practice they desperately need? You make a game out of it of course! We love printable activities for kids!


LEGO Math Race Board Game


As parents and teachers we sometimes need to be clever in the method we use to get our children to learn critical skills they may hate. This game strikes the perfect balance of education and fun that will keep them engaged and learning at the same time.


I found this idea on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the website or the board to print out.  So I made my own hoping to help my kids learn math while having fun at the same time!


I know math might not be fun all the time, but I think with a little strategic planning we can make it a little more enjoyable at least some of the time.


What you will need:


A set of dice. (You’ll only need 1)


Lego printable – click here to print the one I made. Feel free to cut and laminate the board so each child can have their own.

Lego Math Race Printable Activities for Kids


A pile if your favorite Legos



Place one Lego or Lego object on the start square for each player


Roll the dice to see which player goes first. Whoever rolls the highest number goes first. Ties roll again.


Winner roles only one dice and moves the number of spaces on the dice


When you land on a number you must either add or subtract the number of Legos that is on the Lego board. Do this by attaching the Legos on top or by taking them off your starter piece. If you subtract all of your additional Legos, (anything not including your base piece) you lose a turn. If you land on a negative number your first roll, you lose your turn as well.


Who ever has the most Legos stacked up at the finish line is the winner!


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