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Hot Chocolate Books and Recipes

By February 4, 2016Homemaking

The best part of waking up is hot chocolate in my cup. Do you remember a commercial with a similar slogan? Yea, that’s good too, but there is nothing like the sweet  taste of chocolate. Every year we buy boxes and boxes of different mixes…mini marshmallows, caramel flavored, dark chocolate. There are tons.



Well, this year I’m changing it up. One of the items on my Fall Food Bucket List is making my own hot chocolates from scratch. I did finally create a homemade mix and wanted to enjoy it with my kiddies. But what  goes better with hot chocolate than books. So I picked up a few selections from Amazon and surprised the littles with a sweet night snuggled on the couch.


Hot Chocolate Books and Recipes

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The Sweet Story Of Hot Chocolate(History OF Fun Stuff) by  Stephen Krensky and Rob McClurkan

Warm up with the enticing history of hot chocolate in this fact-tastic nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read, part of a series about the history of fun stuff! Learn all about the history of America’s favorite wintertime treat in this fun, fact-filled book.


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Snow Monsters DO Drink Hot Chocolate by Marcia Thornton Jones

Who knows what weird thing is going to happen to the Bailey School Kids next? It’s snowing… and snowing… and snowing! Will the snow ever stop? Or does that wild snowboarder have something to do with it?


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Hot Chocolate ForSanta Claus by RC O’Leary

Find a cozy chair, warm up a mug of hot chocolate, and hop aboard Santa’s sleigh as he makes the last deliveries of the night before flying back home to the North Pole in this colorfully illustrated Christmas story.

Hot Chocolate for Santa Claus tells the story of why Santa Claus looks forward to drinking a special cup of hot chocolate on his flight back home to the North Pole.

Drinking a cup of hot chocolate while reading this story with somebody special will guarantee you a spot on Santa’s good list!


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Lucky Pennies and Hot Chocolate by Carol Diggory Shields

A boy and his grandfather are going to spend a weekend together, and they will share their favorite (and not-so-favorite) things. They won’t be wearing any fancy clothes or eating any funny-looking food-if they can avoid it. But they’ll be trading knock-knock jokes, drinking hot chocolate, watching machines at a construction site, and lots more. Grandparents and grandchildren alike will see themselves in these appealing characters.


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Hat, Gloves, Hot Cocoa With Love by  Gretchen Archambault

“Hats, Gloves, Hot Cocoa with Love” is a very traditional book that evokes the experiences that occur in a winter in New England, with a very non-traditional spin (bilingual). “I want the readers to feel their “inner child” and I want the listeners and reader alike to experience, or re-experience, these moments together with family and friends. In addition, I’ve included some “I spy” exercises that add a bit of adventure and challenge, allowing children to take risks and build self esteem at the same time.”



Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream at Gramma’s House

Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream at Gramma’s House is a whimsical story, seen through the eyes of a five year old, Cole, about the transformation of ordinary things into whipped cream. Fun and fantasy are everywhere as Cole’s imagination goes wild. Kids, parents and grandparents will find the story captivating and intriguing.


Try these Recipes for Simple Hot Chocolates:

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Oreo Hot Chocolate

White Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

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