February Quiet Hour Basket

I created our Quiet Hour Basket to house independent work for my kinder and first grader. While most people have a morning time basket full of activities they do together I have a different take on this idea.We do a lot of learning and playing together for most of our day.  I also needed activities they could do if I needed to help my daughter, finish a project, during our audiobook time, or just need a quiet minute in my room to eat chocolate from my stash…thank goodness for my stash! These activities need to prepped and ready to go!

As I put our basket together I like to think about what the boys made need to review, practice, memorize, and a few activities that are just fun for them. I often forget to review things like mom and dad’s phone numbers or our memory verses on a regular basis so I like to add those exercises in the basket as well.

Watch the video below for a look inside our February Quiet Hour Basket:


Resources mentioned in this video:

Made for Me Literacy

Especially Education Task Boxes

Big Activity Books

Crazy Eight Card Game

Card Holder

Word Lists

Target Dollar Spot Educational Resources

Target Dollar Spot Blank Notebooks

I’ve been searching for more educational games to add to our basket.  Fortunately, the boys seem to love play them first thing in the morning. Gives mama some time to grab a cup of coffee and read one of their picture books aloud. I find it so much easier to read aloud while their little hands are busy. Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions!

I’m busy working on our March and April baskets this week. I can’t wait to show you what we will be working on next! I hope you found some great resources that you can add to your routine this month.