Family Fall Bingo Challenge

This year I decided to do something different to track our favorite Fall activities. I wanted to challenge myself to actually do as many of these activities as possible and reward ourselves if we actually did everything on the board. We picked ( insert what we decided to do)


I love the idea of this printable in my planner, as well as hanging on our family activities board. This way the kids can see and mark off the activities they want to do next. I can also use my copy to help me pre-plan any activities that might cost money or require driving a far distance. I created Fall planning sheet to organize our events and to create a budget.  We started by creating a long list of what we want to do and see. Then I fill in the activities under there correct categories. This doesn’t mean we will be able to do every activity, but at least we will have all our ideas in one place. If we have gone through most of our entertainment envelope and only have $10 left I can go to our list and see what’s $10 and under that we can do that day. 



Apple picking

Visit a Fall Festival

Take a family hike

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Drive to see leaves changing colors

Attend an NFL, college, or high school football game

Family bike ride

Visit a local farm

Explore a new city near you

Visit a museum

Volunteer as a family

Go to a Drive-In movie


Cuddle around a fire and make S’mores

Carve or decorate pumpkins

Create a Halloween/Harvest Fest countdown

Bake yummy Fall treats

Create Fall-themed art projects

Watch your favorite Fall TV special or movie

Random Acts of Kindness together daily

Fall-themed science experiments

Make your own Halloween costumes

Create a gratitude tree or garland

Donate to a local Food Drive


READ! (all links and more in this Pinterest board)

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Read-Aloud Revival Monthly Book Lists (my favorite resource ever!)

Family Favorites (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Green Ember Series

Prince Warriors Series

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

The Kingdom Series


Don’t forget to grab the audio books as well. These will be great if you have younger kids or if you just want to add a bit of drama to your story time.

I’ve included free printable Bingo cards for you to create your own or use the one we created for your Fall Fun Bingo Challenge! Enjoy!

Printable Fall Family Fun Bingo Card ( filled in version)

Printable Fall Family Fun Bingo Card ( blank version )

How do you keep track of holiday activities with your family? Let me know below in the comments!