Our Monthly Budget Envelope System

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We were over $50,000 in debt our first year of marriage. Most of it was from school loans and the other part was a timeshare I begged my hubby to buy while on our honeymoon. Stupid, I know!

I didn’t use a budget before we got married so this was very new and hard for me. Eventhough once I saw how it worked out for our benefit I was on board 100%.

Seven years later we are completely out of debt with a nice amount in savings. We are able to dream about buying a home soon, rental property, and maybe even land here in Colorado. These are ideas that we didn’t think possible in California so we decided to move to cut down our expenses.

This video is just a little peek into how we take our ever changing monthly income and budget our expenses every month.

Resources Mentioned In The Video:

Envelope System Explained –

Budget Worksheets –

How To Set up Budget –

Savvycents Wallet –



Mini Homeschool Happy Planner Notebook

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One of my favorite planners is my Homeschool On-The-Go Planner! This video is a little peek into what I like to keep inside this beauty. I hope you find a few ideas that will inspire you to create a fun on-the-go homeschool planner of your own.


Since filming this video we moved from California to Colorado and I needed to change a few things. I added calendars to keep track of fun events happening around town. The tabs all stayed the same but I updated the fun places to eat and explore in our new city.

Divider Ideas and What to Include:

Explore – fun places to eat and explore

Books – books to purchase or check out at the library

Netflix – educational shows to watch while waiting or riding in the car

Youtube -educational shows to watch while waiting or riding in the car

Service – random acts of kindness to do as a family

Memories – fun things your kids do or say, great moments to remember

Games/Toys – educational games or toys to purchase


What would you add to this planner? I would love to read any suggestions in the comments below!