8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2018-2019

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Today I’m sharing our 8th grade curriculum picks for the 2018-2019 school year. This will be our first year using book curriculum from several different companies.

If you would like to see what my 8th grader will be using you can check out my 8th GRADE CURRICULUM FOR 2018-2019 video here:



Here are the basic subjects to cover in the 8th grade





Social Studies/History





Foreign Language


Optional Subjects






So here we go! These are the basic subjects we will be covering for the 8th grade. I’ve included our morning time activities as well. These are things we will all do together after breakfast and chores. I might add a few more things to this time and will do a separate post on our morning time activities.

Our Morning Time Subjects

BibleSmashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets and other Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids

Art – We will be using Art for Kids Hub on Youtube with art journals to create in everyday. We will also be doing World’s Greatest Artist from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Music – Maestro Classics Cd’s (Stories in Music) and World’s Greatest Composers from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

PE – We love playing Just Dance Now or just turning on the Amazon Echo to play our favorite songs to dance to. I have several park and Zoo dates planned out for the year.I’m in the process of creating a fun P.E circuit for us to do a few times a week at home. I’ll post those in the shop when they are ready!

Tons of read alouds and audiobooks from the Read Aloud Revival book list.



BibleDiscover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids

MathOnline version of Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1

History –  Mystery of History Volume 2

ScienceThe Rainbow Science

Konos Unit Studies – We will continue to use the online program Appear-in with my nieces and nephews that live in Michigan and Ohio every Friday. During the week they will do activities that cover Grammar, Literature, Writing, Language Arts, and more.

Typing – Free online lessons at

Coding – Free online lessons at

Business 101: Kidpreneurs – Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas – I’m creating a class to teach my nieces and nephews to be kidpreneurs and start either their own business or create one together.

Foreign Language: We will continue to study Spanish using the free online program Mango like last year and include the little boys as well. I also purchased some inexpensive flashcards here.

As I said before, this will be our first year not using Easy Peasy All-in-one-Homeschool online. Almost everything we’re using is brand new and I’m excited to see how it works for us. I’ll keep you all posted!

Products we use just for fun

Happy Planner Classic

Happy Planner Big

Happy Planner Stickers

Mildliner Highlighters

Animal Speakers

Amazon Echo

Fun Erasers



Mini Homeschool Happy Planner Notebook

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One of my favorite planners is my Homeschool On-The-Go Planner! This video is a little peek into what I like to keep inside this beauty. I hope you find a few ideas that will inspire you to create a fun on-the-go homeschool planner of your own.


Since filming this video we moved from California to Colorado and I needed to change a few things. I added calendars to keep track of fun events happening around town. The tabs all stayed the same but I updated the fun places to eat and explore in our new city.

Divider Ideas and What to Include:

Explore – fun places to eat and explore

Books – books to purchase or check out at the library

Netflix – educational shows to watch while waiting or riding in the car

Youtube -educational shows to watch while waiting or riding in the car

Service – random acts of kindness to do as a family

Memories – fun things your kids do or say, great moments to remember

Games/Toys – educational games or toys to purchase


What would you add to this planner? I would love to read any suggestions in the comments below!




My Top 3 MUST-HAVES for a Simplified Homeschool Life

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Choosing to live a homeschooling life can be challenging at times. That’s why I make it a priority to do 3 things every week to keep me organized and on track. No, I’m not perfect at doing these tasks every week, nor will life be perfect if I do them. I do them because if gives me a sense of clarity and freedom when it comes to spending time with my family and taking care of our needs as a whole. Below are links to everything I talked about in the video above.



Humbled Homemaker: Free Ebook

Simply Convivial :

6 Week Plan Inserts:

6 Week Plan Inserts for Preschool :



Tell me in the comments what is one of your must-haves to keeping you sane?



Homeschool Planner Flip-Thru: My Happy Planner

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Thanks to Michael’s and The Happy Planner I think I have planner peace with my new setup. Finally everything I need is in one place and its so pretty to look at! I keep this planner downstairs in our school area (opened) where I know I will see it on a regular basis. I hope this gives you ideas on how to make your planner a perfect fit for you!




Supplies mentioned:

The Happy Planner – My favorite planner and notebook style of organizing

Planner Cover

Stickers – Tons of bang for your buck! Most packs have over 1,000 stickers in them!

Inserts – My planner shop!



(Savings Tip: Sign up for Michael’s rewards and use a 40% or 50% off coupon on each item.)