Back To School Pictionary with Free Download

Summer is coming to an end and I’m looking forward to my favorite time of the year! I created this Back to School Pictionary as a fun way to kick off the season! School supplies will soon be in every store and the bright fun colors will be hard to resist. I love taking my kids to buy new supplies every year. There is nothing like picking up new pencils, markers, and fresh notebooks, right?!


Back To School Pictionary



To Start:

  1. Print the free Back To School Pictionary download here.
  2. Print on card stock. This is my all time favorite!
  3. Laminate for longer use. I’ve had this laminator for over 8 years. Love it! The best price for laminating sheets can be found here.

How to Play:

  • You can use an easel, whiteboard, or tape a piece of paper to a wall or door.
  • Use a timer to set a limit for each card or see how many you and your student can guess in a specific timeframe.
  • Pull a card without letting anyone see the card your holding. Draw the object on the board and let the other players guess.
  • Winner is the next player to draw.


Back To School Pictionary

Another fun way to use these cards is to call out an item or show your child a card and have them find the item around the store. This is a quick way to maybe get your back to school shopping done with the whole family.

Happy Shopping!!

Have you started your Back to School shopping yet?


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