Back to School Word Games: Word Search

Get back into gear with some fun Back to School Word Games for kids.

The summer may be over, but you can still have fun while learning. Word searches are my all time favorite word game so you will be seeing a lot more in the next few months. They are easy to create and my littles love doing them during their free time and even on the weekends!



This word search will help with learning to key in on details and increase vocabulary. Looking for words in a word search forces your child to look at the letter sequence of each word in detail, and can help them with learning and remembering new spelling words.

Word puzzles are fun and entertaining for people of all ages. These puzzles can help learn a new subject, exercise the brain, and increase vocabulary and spelling skills. In my opinion word puzzles can help make language learning more enjoyable and interesting.

How to use:

  1. CLICK HERE to print out this free printable on card stock or regular computer paper.
  2. Place puzzle in a plastic sleeve or laminate for longer use.
  3. Have you little use washable dry erase markers to cross out or circle the words as they find them.
  4. Wipe off and use again. Enjoy!


Ideas for Parents and Teachers

  • Try covering the word bank and verbally reading the words to make searching more difficult for older children
  •  Look for these words while reading great books together. Try some of these First Day of School favorites!
  •  Ask your student to spell these and other spelling words out loud now and then.
  •  If your child can write, then have them write each word a few times and/or in a complete sentence for review.


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My Word Games for Kids Top Amazon Picks (affiliate links below)

Boggle Junior –  Boggle Jr. helps children learn letters, spelling, and reading while having loads of fun! This easy version of the terrifically popular adult Boggle uses pictures and matching games to allow children to make the connection between objects and their names. With two skill levels, players can challenge themselves further as they become more adept at identifying letters and words.  The game, for one or more players, includes a game tray with word cover, 30 picture/word cards with 60 three- and four-letter words, and eight letter cubes.–Emilie Coulter

Zingo Word Builder – Build Reading Skills, Three Letters at a Time This word building version of Zingo! is the perfect confidence booster for early readers! Ideal for players who are just learning how to put letters together to form words, it’s great for teaching spelling and vocabulary.  Ages: 5 and up Players: 2 – 6

Spot it! Alphabet -Spot it! Basic English boosts learning and reading while having fun. The 55 cards in this game feature universal images and words for emergent readers, including sight words. There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it to win! The match may be between a word and its corresponding picture, between two pictures, or between two words. While the repetition solidifies word recognition, the pictures support reading comprehension.  

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