Hello friends! My name is Diona and I am so glad that you are here!  I am a follower of Christ, mother of three and a grateful wife to an incredible man, Rick, a.k.a. “the boyfriend“! One of the many reasons he is so awesome is that he has cooked us gourmet dinners every night for almost a year. I keep thinking it’s a dream and I don’t want to wake up. But hey, if he enjoys it, who am I to take it from the man?!

Most days you can find me and the kids at home, quietly reading, sharing toys, or taking naps all at the same time, especially since I only asked them once to do so, and….wait, that’s not my family.

Yea, we are the total opposite of everything I just said.

We have three beautiful – ly loud children, ages 2-10, that we are so thankful for but wished they slept until 8am.

We live in Denver, Colorado, where we can enjoy being outdoors, the incredible scenery and just hanging out at home watching movies.

20 Random Facts about Moí

  •  I’ve called my mom everyday(sometimes several times) for almost 15 years. She’s my bff.
  • I start celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in September. I call it Thankmas!
  • Red Dot Boutique(aka Target) is one of my fav stores to shop for the fam.
  • I wanted to be a storm chaser after college. Now I just watch the movie Twister on a regular basis. (much safer)
  • I used to be a professional dancer for the Cleveland Cavaliers(Go Cavies!), then moved to LA to dance in movies, commercials, and musicians.
  • I still dream about being in The New Mickey Mouse Club. I can still remember all the dance routines!
  • My motto: Enjoy the journey not the destination.
  • I like to listen to music while driving and pretend I’m in a music video. Lead girl of course!
  • I wish I could eat at a buffet for every meal, everyday.(Hometown Buffet, yum!)
  • I hate taking my kids to the park.
  • Anything under 80 degrees and I’m cold.
  • Love the feeling of making a list and crossing things off.
  • I miss sleeping in until 8am(I’m a morning person, just not before 8)
  • Most days I feel and act like a teenager.
  • Don’t get near me when I’m hangry (hungry+ angry)
  • I like to cook at any meal time except dinner. Hate it with a passion.
  • I hate being in pictures. I’ve accepted that I’m not photogenic.
  • My favorite food is pancakes.
  • I really don’t like when people talk to me while I’m watching tv.
  • I can’t sit and watch tv without doing something else to keep me awake. I fall asleep when I sit still.(I know I’m old)

If you wanna chat, you can drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and via email. I would love to meet you!