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Keeping the peace in my marriage and family is a huge priority on my list. I have to pray for it and work on it daily. Sometimes it’s may seem impossible. When you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement on a topic you both are passionate about, or  when your kids continue to let you down in areas you’ve tried to train them in repeatedly.


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I recently received a gift from a family member and inside was a simple sheet of paper with 10 sentences written on it. I didn’t pay any attention to it at first, but was reminded by my husband to read it over. It simply list 10 principles to keep the peace in your marriage and family relationships. I created a printable of these principles because I felt they were to important to just read through and be done. These principles can and will change the atmosphere in our homes. They need to be prayed over and in a place where they will be seen on a daily basis. A constant reminder. I pray this blesses you as it as me and my family.

The Principles of Peaceful Partnership in Marriage and Family

  1. My spouse is my partner, not my opponent, especially when it comes to making decisions where there are conflicting interests.
  2. The peace of the family is far more important than any question of who is right and who is wrong.
  3. Resentments need to be cleared away on a daily basis.
  4. Just listen to one another without trying to fix the other person or defend one’s self.
  5. Take 100% responsibility for your own feelings. Do not blame the other person for your misery or make them the cause of your happiness.
  6. Don’t try to “get back” at your spouse for some presumed offense. Revenge only creates the desire for more revenge.
  7. Always go for a “win/win” solution to a conflict. Don’t sell out on yourself or settle for a “win/lose” solution.
  8. Be willing to share feelings, but don’t expect or demand that they be shared in return.
  9. Always choose peace over power.
  10.  When your desires conflict with the needs of the family, choose in favor of the family, your happiness will follow. Never try to make this choice for your partner!

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