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10 Ideas to Incorporate the Bible in Your Homeschool Day

By July 24, 2015Faith

Whether you homeschool or not finding a quiet moment is pretty difficult when raising children. Early hours of the morning or late a night seem to be the only quiet times we have as moms but by then we are super tired.

I want to create a culture where we don’t just do a bible study in the morning or evening before bed but throughout our day. Also I don’t want to overwhelm them by shoving it in their faces making them learn a whole bunch of textual stuff without seeing it lived out.


The same way we integrate tv, exercise, eating, and having fun is how we want to show our kids how we live out the word in real life.

Living scripture out is our way of life. It’s not a chore or quick fix that we do when we need something from God or when we have a little free time in a busy schedule.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate the Bible in your everyday with your littles:(includes some affiliate links)


2. Videos

  • What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver – I LOVE these videos and plan on buying the whole series once they go on sale.
  • Veggie Tales – Find more Veggie Tales episodes on Netflix as well.
  • Youtube Playlist- We love the gather all our favorite music videos and old television shows(old Superbook, Flying House, Colby’s Missing Memory) and put them in a list to play during our morning time or dance party after lunch.

3. Apps

4. Action Bible and the accompanying devotional

This was worth every penny! I love finding my kids snuggling on the couch or laying on the floor reading and enjoying this Bible together.

5. Songs

  • Radio, Spotify, and iTunes offer great ways to find new music, worship together through song, or have an impromptu dance party.
  • Try this singing bible

6. Movies

  • Netflix has a great selection of family movies you can enjoy for movie night or during a lunch break. Here are a few selections that we love:
    • God’s Not Dead
    • Mercy Rule
    • The Book of Ester
    • The Bible(series)
    • The Book of Ruth
  • For older children you may want to try these general movie discussion questions.

7. Memory Verse Challenge

  • Choose a family memory verse and have the kids practice writing and reciting it several times a week. At the end of the month have them call family and friends and recite it for them and receive a small award or prize for memorizing the verse.

8.  Create a Prayer List

  • Pick 1 or 2 friends, family members to pray for that day. For older children include praying for our country, government officials, world matters or even their future spouses.

9. Watch your church service or another service online together.

  • Some churches offer a printable to take notes and to aid in a discussion.

10. Listen to the bible on cd or read out loud

  • A dramatic reading of the bible and really bring the scriptures to life. If you have little ones try Adventures in Odyssey  for a story format centered around strong moral and biblical principles.


Are there other ways you incorporate bible learning in your day? Leave a comment below!

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